Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

Started Feb 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
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John: yes, a better tactile feel, but above all...

John Koelsch wrote:

A british reviewer found his "silver" body A-6000 to be wearing after on week of testing revealing black plastic underneath (all the "silver")...DxO found that the NEX-7 has a higher color dynamic range than the A-6000...the A-6000 lacks a level which I use all the time for landscape shots-it's even available on the RX-100 series pocket cameras...the A-6000 has a LOWER resolution EVF than the NEX-7...I often use my manual focus AIS Nikkors via Novo Flex adapter -these lenses DO NOT work to take best advantage of the new Sony processor...Leica expense aside, there's something special about holding a brass or titanium bodied camera as opposed to "high impact PLASTIC"

...a different weight distribution is quite an asset, esp. when used with longer, a bit heavier lenses


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