DP2M vs 5D3 part 2

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Re: DP2M vs 5D3 part 2

rrccad wrote:

maxotics wrote:

How about you read the Exif info?

As a programmer I know the Exif info can be over-written, and have done so. So how about you learn more about computers

I don't mean to be rude, couldn't help it! I have seen others swap images from camera. Not trying to doubt your integrity. Have been trying to upload an image to support my conclusion...

wow seriously? you accuse Jack of this?

top is supposedly dp2m

Dpreview has had problems so I haven't been able to get this image inserted into a post.  You should all be ashamed of yourselves for not asking me WHY I thought the images were reversed instead of it immediately making it into some sort of personal issue, which it wasn't with me.

All the OP had to say was no, they're not switched, why do you think they are?  Goodbye.

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