Carrying Case For A6000 + Sony 16-70MM F/4 ZA

Started Jul 28, 2014 | Discussions thread
uhligfd Veteran Member • Posts: 3,046
Re: Carrying Case For A6000 + Sony 16-70MM F/4 ZA

I use the long Lenscoat neoprene cover, 39$ or such. Great since it is 'shockproof', has a protector for lens + shade, and is almost weather proof etc etc.

I have carried it through England, Germany over hills and dales etc,  in SE Asia, city and jungle, a trek through Borneo  etc etc. I and it ell into creeks and over boulders, no harm to camera or lens ..  It wears well, does  not look fit for a camera of this caliber, 'no leather', 'no silver buckles',  no sex appeal, nobody would mug me nobody  did mug me in the worst parts of the globe when carrying a 2000$ camera  …  but so practical and sensible.

I use my gear hard and I protect it, too.

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