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Re: what's 3-D?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

jennyrae wrote:

I forgot. printer types and certain paper also make picture pop. that is another area of 3D.

And all this is the general problem. Some says that plasma screen has better 3D pop. Maybe Bayer image on plasma has better pop than a Foveon image on LCD? I surely know that OI get better 3D pop from my Bayer images when applying some USM. The parameters are plenty.

Personally I can only go so far to say that at 100% on a screen, Bayer cannot get the same 3D pop as a Foveon.

Pop normally refers to contrast.  While contrast can be used to generate an illusion of depth, the illusion of depth can be attained under cloudy skies.  It has noting to do with "pop." It has to do with creating an illusion of depth in the image.  On of the best was Edward Weston.  One should look at Weston's dunes. Even his peppers have depth and his nudes show great depth. Depth comes more composition, perspective ( it is easier to generate an illusion of depth with a wide angle lens than a telephoto lens) alignment of objects in the image, etc.  A high contrast image can be flat while a flat (tonal) image can have depth.

It has little to do with a specific camera or film.

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