12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

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Re: 12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

Your 40-150 is clearly better here, but this has not been my experience when doing a similar comparison between my 40-150 zoom and my 45mm in DTC mode. I wonder what's happening. You might try this again on a tripod to take camera shake out as a variable.

I would expect your 12-40 to kick my 40-150 zoom out of the ball park as far as sharpness.

I find the 45mm wide open in DTC mode to match the 40-150 zoom at 90mm at f5. Stopping down the prime to f4, it outclasses the zoom. Colors are richer with more detail. I believe part of the reason for this is greater DOF from the 45mm. I ran some numbers thru a DOF calculator, and there is always more DOF for 45mm vs 90mm. More of a scene appears in focus if it is a real scene and not a brick wall.

And this is a real situation for me because I like to shoot bands under lights with both lenses (for fun). Occasionally, I'll be at a distance where 90mm works, and then the 45mm with DTC is a better choice.

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