Wanted, New line of lenses from Canon.

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Re: SLR v. Mirror-less

snofox wrote:

And yet Pentax makes 15mm and 21mm pancakes that are much smaller than the Canon 40mm which in turn is larger than the Pentax 40mm pancake. Is that because with Pentaxes the shake reduction (IS) is in the body? Also, these lenses are not very fast,

F4 and F3.2 for 699 dollar primes each. now that's poor value.

Sorry but just get the tokina 11-16mm for the wide prime. that lens is crazy sharp at f4 too. and get the sigma 18-35mm for the other range

which may have something to do with it. But they are superb in design and excellent in image quality, especially the 15. If Canon could make those I would forgo the IS... don't need it on those focal lengths. And, because I am on a tripod so much, I really don't care how fast it is, but I betcha Canon could do a 15 or 21 better and faster than Pentax if they tried. Of course, Pentax' aren't exactly cheap, either, and they are all metal.

But Canon could do it. The EF-S 10-18 is a great example of what Canon can produce. So, like the OP, I am hopeful.

That is not an great lens. heavy distortion significant vignetting and not very sharp corners.

Still at the price and focal length it is a very attractive proposition for beginners that could never experiment with these angles so easily before.

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