Wanted, New line of lenses from Canon.

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Re: Wanted, New line of lenses from Canon.

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Now that Canon has the SL1, and it has been a success from what I have seen. I would like to see Canon focus on a new line of lenses, EFS STM Value lens made for Crop bodies. It seems like most lenses from Canon are made with FF in mind, and Crop sensors just have to make do. But with the SL line and new smaller lense Canon can have a mirrorless fighter, without going mirrorless.

I want to see these lenses, all small, with OIS plastic body but good optics, and apertures from f1.8-2.

15MM = 24MM FF

22MM = 35MM FF, just put the EOS M lens in a EFS body.

32MM = 50MM FF

20-60MM, this one should be f2.8-f4, and the kit lens on the SL2.

These are the lenses I want and I am sure you all want something also, but this gives traditional FOV options to crop sensor canons.

The 40MM pancake is has too narrow FOV for many people.

Ring in with what lense you would like for your APS-C canon.

Also if I am way off base, and you can recommend a lens that covers these FOV let me know. They can be from other manufacturers but should be affordable, around $350 or less.

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The 32mm is a great idea. Nikon's already made one so we know it can be done.

It's called EF 35mm f/2 IS. 3mm isn't THAT big of a deal, is it?

It is an old design,

The EF 35mm f2 IS is a new design introduced about 18 months ago. It replaced the older EF 35mm f2.

OK I did not pay attention to the IS and was looking at the older 35mm but I would rather have 30mm pancake to go with the 40.

just buy this one


f1.4 small and crazy sharp. same price canon wants for an f2.

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Lets promote calm rational arguments.

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