Issue with Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 ex dc os hsm when using with D7100

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Re: Issue with Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 ex dc os hsm when using with D7100 or is it?

UtenteMac wrote:

Sure, when coming from lesser bodies you don't catch the issue and probably don't suffer the poor engineering choice but…

1) Many of us come from D300 or other Pro bodies: I used to shoot hundreds of pictures before having the battery icon to change. Often around 1000 shots per charge with no image review. I saw drastic battery consumption in an hour of tests with D7100+17-50mm: not acceptable.

2) I didn't own that Canon model, but VR/OS/VC usually stays on for a few seconds after the release of the shutter. It drains a whole lot of battery power and -this- is the proper way to handle the thing.

3) I bought the battery grip to make it more comfortable to shoot with and to nearly double battery life, expecting a little less juice than my old D300. With 17-50mm and OS on it's around half, if not a third. Unacceptable.

4) I don't "chimp". I look for the detail where I need it.
Shoot a picture. Need to shot several other one with different composition. Was f/6.3 sufficient for the DoF? Quickly check the frame by going from corner to corner.
Should I shoot the same 50-sequence with four or five aperture settings and or focus distances because otherwise it is "chimping"? Come on.

In the end any clear defect should be treated as such despite coming from a worse scenario. Don't you agree?

Since you stepped down to a lessor body, it sounds like you need to either continue to shoot your D300 or jump to a D810. Maybe you'll get lucky and the D300 replacement will be announced this fall. I guess owning a D7000 or D7100 doesn't give the rest of us the knowledge to determine engineering choices.

1. Please explain "drastic battery consumption" based on factual measurements rather than opinion. My D7000 has the same battery as your D7100 and I do not experience any battery drain beyond "normal" and can shoot 100's of images and still have lots of charge in the grip battery with a full charge in the camera battery. You may want to contact Nikon for help.

2. Keeping the OS engaged for a minute is the proper way for Sigma lenses that are designed that way. If you find this to be unacceptable and in your opinion, poor engineering, perhaps it's time to sell the 17-50mm and get the Nikon counterpart?

3. See response number one.

4. If you're checking DOF, thats a couple shots, right? Then you can shoot with confidence. I don't have automatic preview enabled. It slows me down and if I want to quickly check composition, I can with the press of a button. I'm not sure why you'd have a 50 sequence shoot unless you're a pro and doing a wedding but again, a couple shots should get you the verification of your camera settings. I started shooting with film back in the early 80's so maybe I've developed different habits than you.

No I don't agree its a defect. It's a design decision that I'm good with and find the lens to be superb. Sorry, you don't. I read in another thread that you're not happy with the D7100 either and that you advocated complaining to somehow force the manufacturers to change the things you don't like. Good luck with that. I hope you get things squared away.

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