D810 does sports, protests, and sitting in a bar in one day

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Re: D810 does sports, protests, and sitting in a bar in one day

nathantw wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

The comments here are not surprising. You are in a GEAR forum and not many here have a clue about anything remotely artistic.

The shot above is actually interesting. It conveys the effort of the player which is also layered by the foreground that tells me that you were not composing this shot with ease. It adds something frantic to the already action-filled moment.

People talking about sharpness and blown highlights are amazing to me. Did they even LOOK at the photo, the scene and setting? Of course they didn't. They only looked to what is wrong with the pic and never took it in.

Likely they'll attack me for saying this and good luck to them. Naturally the biggest critics here have nothing in their galleries. Of course they don't.

Keep using your camera and enjoy it. It's all about catching and freezing time...and you've done that with this particular pic in a way that is unique. The angle, light and moment will never occur again in exactly the same way and you preserved that.

That's what photography is.


Thank you for all your insight, Robert! Your points hit squarely on what I had observed too and I was actually quite surprised. I've been in the same boat as many of them and I too was ultra-mega critical of pictures I had seen, but as I've gotten older I stopped caring about those little things and started caring about the content. You're so right that photography is about freezing a moment in time. I'm glad to see that someone was able to see photography for what it is.

After I posted and started getting the responses I did I actually wished I had put it in the lens part of the forum. However, now that the critical critics have had their say and people who are more interested in other aspects are speaking up I think this thread has become a little more helpful (hopefully) for people on what to post, say, do before posting and maybe assist in the thought process of how or why things are done a certain way.

Thanks for being the bright beacon in an otherwise gloomy, though calming with occasional swells ocean.

By the way....given the technical aspects, why not try B&W conversion...might add some drama!

Otherwise, I do like it as is.


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