My FZ1000 Evaluation Part 1 of 3

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My FZ1000 Evaluation Part 1 of 3

Well just got lucky and picked up the FZ1000 today at Pictureline as their shipment arrived. I promised I would do an evaluation, but here is the deal. Since I've also been on an evaluation period with a Sony A77MkII and the 16-50 f2.8 and 70-300G lenses, since I'm not going to keep both as I'm still unemployed, I wanted to give a single shot photo evaluation of both camera's files side by side full sized or crops of the full sized images to give critical analysis of their sharpness and absence of lens bad habits. I did NOT evaluate ANY other features nor the video here. So all I'm going to be showing you is what they both do at their equivalent focal ranges and f stops. To level the playing field I set the Panny +1 on sharpening and -2 on noise reduction, where as the Sony only has 2 settings for -  on the NR I set it to -1 (there are up to -5 on the Panny) and also set the Sony at +1 sharpening. These are ALL otherwise OOC Jpeg's at their finest quality setting. Sure it's not the end all be all evaluation, but it sure did reveal some interesting stuff. From all I can see the Panny keeps right up with the Sony in detail rendering. In higher ISO's sure, the Sony wipes a bit more noise out, but then you can post process that stuff out easily enough. Oh and of course with depth of field indoors I found the Sony is considerably better at blurring the background, but no surprise. On the other end of the spectrum the Panny is more pleasingly IN focus on the distant landscape types of shots. So I'll describe as we go

First one up is the Sony with the 70-300G lens at near full extension doing a closeup effect to equal the Panny's macro. In the end what I've seen (possibly due to depth of field differences) the Panny trounces the Sony for this usage. For the purpose of equality the Sony was set to f7.1 for the first couple of sets and the Panny to F5.6 as the Sony's would be wide open at f5.6 and this way it is more equivalent between them. The EXIF's should be intact for each shot. I had both at ISO125 for the outdoor stuff and had one at ISO 400 and one at ISO800 indoors low light. It was considerably darker than what the shots seem to indicate indoors by the way.

And now the Panny. I found the image stabilization quite excellent, quite possibly better than the Sony's SSS.

Next up a crop taken of a shot I've tended to have trouble nailing as it's often in shadow, but has detail in these trees and the flower bed to the left side. Both cameras are on par with each other from all I can see, which once again is saying a ton. The first one the Sony then the Panny

Next up first the Sony then the Panny in a crop taken of a neighbors place which is good at revealing details. The evergreen to the right and the bird bath with some plants in it. Once again I feel the Panny is easily keeping up with the Sony, even in noise

And on to part 2

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