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Lens choices

Hello.  I'm new to this forum, but feel the need to ask a question.

First some background.  I'm just now getting back into photography after a many year haitus. I took 3 years of photography classes in high school and was one of the primary photographers for my highschool yearbook.  I also took several semesters of photo classes back in college as well.  Now, mind you, these were back in classic film/darkroom days, so serious digital photography is a new concept for me.  I used to shoot B&W exclusively with my father's tried and true Canon AE-1, mostly using a 50mm lens.

Anyway, I've decided that I'd like to get back into photography as a hobby.  So I researched and researched and finally decided on the Fuji XT-1, primarily because of the manual dials. It's a thoroughly modern camera with the controls of the cameras I cut my teeth on.  Using it felt natural the minute I took it out of the box.  Couldn't say the same for most other m4/3 or DSLR variants.

My primary goal is to begin street photography, candids, and some portraiture of family/friends/etc. I'll occasionally use the cam to capture sports, but that won't happen that frequently.

I purchased the camera as a kit with the 18-55, but that lens is rather heavy and long, making the portability of the camera somewhat less than ideal.  So I read review after review of lenses, hit eBay/Craigslist, and grabbed a good selection of pristine second hand primes over the past few weeks:

My first lens was the 27/2.8. I love the size of the lens (makes the camera almost pocketable) and adore the FOV, but despise the lack of aperture ring.  It focuses the fastest of all the other primes and seems to be the quietest.

My next lens was the 18/2.0, which is substantially wider (and brighter) than, but is practically as compact and portable as, the 27.  It also has the aperture ring, which makes me happier in use.  I could get used to the wider FOV, but it's almost too wide angle compared to what I'm used to shooting in. It's also noisy as hell when focusing, and hunts when in C-AF.

And finally, I went ahead and jumped at a great deal I found on a 35/1.4. It'll be even closer to the FOV that I was used to with the 50mm on my fathers camera, but I do feel like I appreciate the wider view of the 27. The sharpness is amazing, and the 1.4 will be extremely useful for dark indoor shots. Additioanlly, the bokeh wide open can open up a lot more creative options than what I have available with the other lenses.  I only just got this lens today, so I haven't had a chance to do anything more than take a couple of test shots with it. Focusing appears to be fast and it's quiet, especially compared to the 18.

So here's my conundrum. I really can't justify the expense of having all of these lenses sitting in my bag. Yes, I got all of the lenses at good prices relative to what they typically sell for, but it's still a major investment to have almost $1500 worth of glass, especially when they're all so close in FOV.

So for those of you who've read this far, my question is this. Of the lenses in my posession, which would would you keep and which would you sell? And why?

Thanks in advance!

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