XF 90mm f/2 R is on the roadmap

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While we wait...

What's everyone's favourite 85 - 90mm prime lens adapted for use on the Fuji X cameras?

Factors to consider are obviously sharpness, contrast, lack of aberrations, bokeh... but also size, weight, and sheer usability.

E.g. from what I could read, the Leica Apo-Summicron 90/2 looks great, and if money were no concern it would probably be my favourite.

How about the various Elmarits (90/2.8) and Summarit (90/2.5)?

Voghtlander 90/3.5? Zeiss Tele-tessar 85/4?

Nikkors? AIS 85/2? The 85/1.4 is nice but IMO definitely too bulky to provide a reasonable balance on the X cameras. The same applies to most other 85/1.4s like the Zeiss Planar, Samyang, etc.

Others? The Tamron Adaptall 90/2.8 perhaps?

Any other 'sleepers'?


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