FZ 1000 for me, some test photos

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FZ 1000 for me, some test photos

Hi, I´m new in this forum. Until now I used the mFT system with E-M1 or E-M10, but wanted a more useful zoom with more reach and better quality than what mFT is offering. I tried the 14-140 and 14-150 zooms but ended up disappointed.

Last weekend I tried the FZ 1000 in store and made some quick testphotos in front of the store in Cologne. I drove to my home, looked at the photos, called the store to put this cam back for me, drove 50 km again to the store and bought the cam.

To make it short: a wonderful cam with really fantastic lens, which alone is worth the price of the hole cam ....

The last days I did some further tests, and it´s not the lens alone that does have high quality.

The EVF is the best I looked through until now, the handling is just right, and even set to jpg the photos need very little PP.

Here´s a link to my Microsoft OneDrive with some photos. They are all handheld, jpg with little PP in Faststone Viewer, and downsampled to 70% size.


Normally I judge the quality of cams or gear with 50% view on my 27" LCD, because I think looking at 100% is overkill, but for the pixel peepers I let the size a little bigger iwith 70%.

The photos are stored with 100 % jpg quality, I don´t know if Microsoft add some compression.

You can download the files and judge for yourself! Sometimes the files are at about 10 MB, the EXIF is intact.

Perhaps some may wonder about the quality even with ISO 800, wide open aperture or long focal length / long exposure time.

I`m amazed what this cam can do.

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