D700 and SB-900 issue

Started Jul 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
ranalli Senior Member • Posts: 1,016
Re: D700 and SB-900 issue

Graham C wrote:

True, its the hotshoe, I also tried a spare SB-900. The new hotshoe solved the problem.

I am now working with two D700 bodies that have had this problem and are now okay after the new hotshoe.

The only worry I have is will it happen again after time with the new hotshoe or are the new ones Nikon are fitting "stronger" and better equipped to handle the extra weight of the SB-900?

I had this problem as well but only with flashes such as SB-700 but not a small trigger or anything.

What I did(after reading this somewhere) was to take pliers and squeeze the rails closer together again.  Apparently they bend slightly after time and allow the flash just enough movement to kick it off.  It seemed to work...at least for now anyway

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