Prefer the DF still over D810

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Re: Prefer the DF still over D810

Ray Sachs wrote:

No Regrets wrote:

I think it's perfectly fine if there are people that do not like the retro look of the Df. I personally do like how it looks, but that was only one of many other reasons why I choose it.

I'm curious though if the polarity of the Df might be age related? Do the older generations find the retro styling more appealing as that is how we grew up having cameras look like? I know for me, the Df looks like a camera where as the 6xx or 8xx looks like a tool. Please understand I'm not trying to sound derogatory here at all. Conversely, the younger generations grew up not knowing anything other than the modern styles.

Just wondering if that may play into it at all.

I'm sure it does. I grew up with the traditional (it wasn't retro back then!) film cameras and I don't have any problem with the looks of the Df. I don't love the looks either, but it wouldn't prevent me from buying one - it didn't, since I bought one.

But then again, this must be wrong. Because if the Df audience really does skew overwhelmingly toward older age shooters, that really sort of blows the whole "hipster camera" narrative out of the water. And since that's the strongest narrative for those who seem to actively dislike the Df (as opposed to just choosing something different), we can't take THAT away from 'em.

I'm 55 and less hip than I've ever been, which wasn't much to begin with. I don't wear tweed or smoke a pipe or have round wire rim glasses. Yet, I still shoot a Df. Something is wrong with this picture!

We judge photographers by the photographs we see. We judge cameras by the photographs we miss - Haim Zamir

Being 65 has few advantages, but one of them is that I can safely use the Df with no fear whatsoever of ever being called a "hipster".

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