Shutter speed / focal length Ratio - X Series

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Shutter speed / focal length Ratio - X Series

Interesting snippet from Damien Lovegrove, who is a pro Fuji X shooter, who has just released a Fuji sponsored series on available light and flash portrait work with the X-T1.

He's using a ratio of 1/(4 x focal length) as his minimum handheld shutter speed

This is significantly different to the usual 1/focal length ratio in traditional photography

Or even the 1/ (2 x focal length) I used for sports photography with 300 and 600mm lenses

His view is the pixel density on the Fuji sensor magnifies any slight camera movement, and that a speed of 1/(4 x focal length) is a safe value to avoid image softness due to camera shake.

So for the 35mm lens - he's looking at 1/140 sec as the minimum handheld shutter speed.

If he goes below this speed, he uses a monopod.

Interesting that he's come to this conclusion - while at the same time we have new Fuji shooters complaining of soft images.

Maybe he's onto something here...

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