12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

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Re: 12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

Steve wrote:

Oh you pixel peepers !

The 12-40 is a superior lens and of course it is sharper.. But if you are printing at 8x10, or 9x12 and you do a little post sharpening, i doubt the casual observer will note a significant difference...

A GOOD picture DOESNT HAVE TO BE TACK SHARP. The master photographers frequently exhibit images which are not tack sharp and maybe the staples in a wood log are lost, but that is not what photography is all about...

I have just been watching a conference by David DuChemin who laughs at these forums which are filled with people discussing the sharpness of their artwork...

His advice: Stop this insanity of spending your time comparing how sharp a hair is on a model's head and GO OUT AND MAKE PICTURES !!!!!!.

(and to the guy who didn't even like the 12-40.. get a life. Its a great lens and there are thousands of images on the net taken with it). Remember that its a smaller sensor camera and you can't expect a Canon Mark Whatever with an L lens attached to it... )

The purpose of this forum is the discussion of M43, and one of its main focuses is the gear, in contrast with forums with names ending in, for instance, the word 'photography', of which there are quite a few on DPR.

The advice you claimed to have heard from DuChemin is pertinent where he gave it - not in a tech-focused form but presumably at a higher level conference where the philosophical question of photography vs. its tools may be discussed. Within a gear-focused forum like this, it is incredibly groundless and condescending to assume that participants have not resolved such higher level problems to their own satisfaction elsewhere before spending time here to discuss gear and therefore need this so-called 'advice' which is conventional wisdom at best more likely wisdom-free cliché shoved onto their faces. And in shouting capital letters no less.

It is a valid hobby or profession to only concentrate on the gear without bothering about what the gear is designed for. In other words, it is quite valid for someone to be solely fascinated by one or more aspect of some gear, such as marketing, technology, and indeed how sharp a lens is at which part of the frame on which body with or without digital zoom, and come here to discuss that one topic because that topic is on topic in this forum. A lens designer is not obliged to enjoy photography, and a market analyst does not have to be an expert in the activity itself. However these people can come to here and share their views on matters for which they are experts because if they concern M43, they are on topic.

In comparison, unsolicited wisdom-free cliché 'advices' such as 'get a life' and 'GO OUT AND MAKE PICTURES' are much better aired at a higher level forum. Indeed the highest forum on DPR, 'open talk', is the best place for that.

High-level thinkers should keep to high places and leave us proletariats enjoy our simple topics unmolested.

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