Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: what's 3-D?

jennyrae wrote:

as far as placebo go, how can you say something placebo if you can see with your eyes? placebo is something you "think" that you see which is imagination. it is different from something what you really see

How sure are you about being able to distinguish between what you really see and what you think you see?

It is not a trick question, but a very real one. The data stream from your eyes to your brain is very narrow. Most of what you see is made up in the brain. That is why you see much more in a familiar environment.

I have a very good example. In 2007 I had a stroke. It destroyed about 40% of my FOV. There is a big field to the right where I am blind. Due to this I am not allowed to drive any more. But - this area is not black or a common color. It is in fact invisible. I cannot see that I am blind there. It is just that it is all made up by my brain. It is peripheral sight, so it is normally fuzzy, but I can in this fuzzy area see the room I am in. But - if something unexpected moves there. I cannot see it.

Another good example is the green/magenta discolorations that might be in Sigma images. Before anyone points out that you have such things in your images you might miss them. But - after being pointed out you will probably not miss them again. So, why were they invisible before they were pointed out? Or found?

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