12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

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Re: 12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

boxerman wrote:

SidSnot wrote:

Sadly from what I see there it's not so good - the 40-150 beats it by quite a margin...

Well, if we are a little more careful, maybe it's not so bad.

One thing we know is that because it's from a crop of the sensor data, if you look at 100%, there's no way the (up sampled) crop can compete with the full-size. There's really no need to look. I learned long ago that in digital media, if you blow any pic up enough, it looks crappy. It looks to me like you're (SidSnot) about at 100%, except that you showed two side-to-side, so more like 50% crop. I'm just slightly (but not much) surprised you can tell the difference so easily.

Don't trust the in-thread view. In fact never trust the in-thread view on DPR when judging sharpness as they do something funny and these end up as 'preview' only in my opinion.

Click on 'original size' and the difference is as obvious as SidSnot said.

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