Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: my teaching frustration

MisterBG wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

MisterBG wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

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Dave Luttmann wrote:

I print PiezographicK7 inksets on to HM Photorag 308 and HM Bamboo. Under a magnifying glass the tonal range is smooth with no dots. It appears you have much to learn about printing. I print for exhibition purposes...where you won't see a dye sub in sight.

That's all very well but isn't Piezography B & W only?

Plus you need a specific printer and very expensive inks.

Yes it is b&w. No, you dont need a specific printer. And no, the inks aren't expensive.

On the website I looked at it only mentioned Epson 4900, 7800, 7900, 9890, 9900 & R3000 printers, so Canon and HP users are excluded immediately.
Plus only one of those (R3000) is what I'd call a "Home" printer, and a pretty expensive one too.
Ink sets appear to be around $380 a set for 8 110ml bottles.
It also appears to me that once you have changed to this system, the printer can no longer print colour.
So all in all, I'd say it is pretty expensive, unless you need to print a large number of Black & White prints.
All very well for a lab but outside the scope of the average amateur.

I'm sure the print quality is all it's claimed to be, but quality always comes at a price.

All Epson printers worl. I used a 7600 and currently a 3800. That is hardly specific.

Are we talking about high quality printing, or average stuff for the home user?

No, you can clean out and convert back to color if your like.

$380 for a set of piezo ink is cheaper than current Epson Ultrachrome K3.

I'm glad you googled it all....although it was funny to see a critique from you prior to knowing anything about it or seeing the results. Typical on internet forums.

Strange, I wasn't aware I'd posted a critique on a technique I was unfamiliar with?
If I did, I'm glad you found it so funny.

I'm not talking about any specific application, but most of my prints are for club competitions & exhibitions, in which the aspirations are generally somewhat higher than "average home user."
I don't normally examine any of my prints "Under a magnifying glass" but if that's what you like then so be it, 'normal' viewing distance is fine for me.
At our club I've never heard it asked what printer was used, in the same way that most people never ask what camera was used.

The Epson printers you allude to are not only (what I'd call) expensive, they are all far too large for me to accommodate in an average home environment.
For the amount of B&W printing I need (which is minimal) I'm quite happy to send my images out to my preferred lab.
I'm not generally a fan of B&W anyway.
The world we live in is in colour so I prefer to depict it that way.

For the cost of one of those Epsons, plus the conversion cost, I can get a LOT of commercial prints made.

And on actual continuous tone traditional photo paper.

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