Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: what's 3-D?

I do not know if Truman owns a Sigma camera or Merrill for that matter to say such placebo statement, but it would be as much illogical to base such statement on merely basing it on opinion on web pictures online and parading 40 years experience of fine arts (no pun intended but I heard already several times this line of validation thru years of photography experience several times that it ends up with nothing with relevance).  this is why such challenge must and should be done by Truman and see himself to validate own argument as there is no point in arguing with others who say otherwise.

as far as placebo go, how can you say something placebo if you can see with your eyes? placebo is something you "think" that you see which is imagination. it is different from something what you really see that is processed by your brain thru your optics. so if I see Merrill to have that certain level of pop that is unique from other similar picture, does that mean it is only my imagination? it is not rocket science or trivial for people to look at picture differences. it is not like someone is trying to swindle you on thinking what you see or believe. it is just you.

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