From my original NEX-5 and 'substandard' 18-55 lens (image)

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Re: From my original NEX-5 and 'substandard' 18-55 lens (image)

Pepe-Lepue wrote:

piticoto wrote:


Beyond just the sensor size, an average citizen might call these "high-end" cameras (well, if only they were larger like DSLRs ). My point being that we already have paid extra to get some better equipment. If it didn't matter, I'd be in the Cybershot forum. As it is, I have small-sensor Sony cameras, and they don't measure up in many ways, although I suppose that one could argue that for most use, they are good enough. Certainly, if you keep your prints small, and in good light,

But I want better in low light too.

Yes, that's why we pay the extra to get something with an APS-C sensor.

Perhaps I've been shooting for do many years that I can get the shot... Regardless of camera.

I do tend to hone on on my skills and ability. And think very little about the gear I have on hand.

As I said; This is a gear forum more oriented to gear obsession and much less on actual photography merit.

So I leave you guys with a photo shot in extremely low light with a Sony RX100 iii small sensor camera. Because that was the camera that was on me conveniently at the time.

And this is still a better camera than most.  I wish Sony had made the RX100 cameras several years ago, but I guess it takes a while to improve the technology.  Finally, we can get decent quality in a compact package.  Anyway, I wonder if I would have bothered with interchangeable lenses if the RX100 were available years ago?  I would have been happy to upgrade from my smaller sensor camera!

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That reminds me of a shot I made with similar fungi.

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