Issue with Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 ex dc os hsm when using with D7100

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Re: Issue with Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 ex dc os hsm when using with D7100 or is it?

NorCalAl wrote:

The problem with OS remaining on is the outward manifestation of the fact that Sigma and Nikon are not playing well together. We don't know what other issues exist that we don't see immediately. For example, many of the folks who have bought these lenses, myself included, have also experienced seemingly random focus problems.

I find it interesting that, while Sigma was not a true competitor in terms of build quality (and in most cases) image quality, there were no interoperability problems. Sigma generally only made a few lenses where the IQ was on a par with Nikon and only in ranges (the 150/2.8 macro, for instance) where Nikon had holes.

Now that Sigma has shored up their QC, improved the build and is not only directly competing with Nikon but is actually besting them in some spots (the 18-35/1.8 and 50 Art come to mind), suddenly these issues crop up.

To compound matters, there is significant pressure on core products from manufacturers who used to be on the periphery (Sony, Fuji) as well as on the core format from former outliers like micro four thirds.

Added up, it seems reasonable that Nikon might not be as generous to those who are taking the food from their mouths.

Just saying...
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Another way to look at the OS/VR subject is from a technical perspective. I recently read that Nikon floats the optics in a rubber gasket. On the other hand, Sigma floats the optics in electromagnetic fields which might explain why they react a bit differently and why Sigma stays ready for a minute after the last shot. From a technical perspective, electromagnetic fields sound a lot more advanced to me.

I find no issue with the OS staying on a minute. I owned a Sigma 18-125mm several years ago when I shot Canon and it stayed on then. This is not something "new" so I'm a bit surprised at all the concern all of a sudden. I also have zero battery problems with my D7000. The D5xxx series have lessor batteries so this may be a really good reason to buy a battery grip for the camera.

I find the Sigma 17-50mm to be a superb lens that is razor sharp. Focus is dead on every time. The scroll thing is a non issue to me. I don't chimp shots in the LCD trying to determine if everything is perfect. If i doubt, take a couple more.

My $0.02


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