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Re: what's 3-D?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Truman Prevatt wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Some few images have a kind of well defined sharpness that helps giving the feel of 3D. OOF parts have just the right fuzziness and all parts in focus are very sharp.

However, that is one of the oldest tricks in the book to produce the illusion of depth.

Yes, the problem is that Bayer cannot really do it - not without downsampling at least.

I've actually seen as many examples of Bayer - 3D as I have with Foveon 3D. A good photographer will bring it out.

At 100% ?

It is possible with images that are not 100 % of course.

You know Roland over my over 40 years in photography and my wife's over 40 years as a painter I have seen many a wonderful example in prints and paintings hanging on walls in homes, galleries and museums.  I've, however, yet to see a 100% print.  I will look at an image at 100% from time to time to judge the final sharping for printing.  However, my final judgement of a photograph a fine print.  I've never seen a fine print of a pixel.

I've also yet to see a double blind test where prints are provided of the same image one with a Foveon and the other a high end Bayer - D800E would work - where which that provides the most "3D."

I expect at the end we would find no difference which would expose the Foveon 3D as a placebo effect.  Imparting an illusion of depth is up to the photographer and he/she has well developed techniques to accomplish that.  Some of the best examples I have seen in photography are B&W so you don't even have color to help you but in reality color doesn't help much producing an illusion of depth.

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