Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: what's 3-D?

hmmmm....personally, Foveon 3D depth goes more than just focused and unfocused area. my experience with Merrill goes with depth of color and detail that I haven't seen with conventional Bayer sensor. Bayer can reproduce 3D perception of pictures, just like Foveon. the difference lies with the degree of depth or how much pictures create pop. from pictures I have done and seen on prints, the Merrills create that level of pop which is surreal. upon closer inspection, the pop is more on the entire picture as compared to Bayer's selective pop.

I tried very much to replicate Merrill result with Bayer using several processing methods, layers, contrasts and microcontrasts, USM, etc... and the closer I got to result of Merrill, the more problems I have to deal with noise, haloing, artifacts, color bleed, aliasing, etc... with Bayer files.

all I can say is Foveon Merrill is different processing method and image sensor. classic Foveon is "a bit" closer to Bayer but still different. I would have been happy if my Bayer cameras can reproduce something like Foveon. so far, my disappointment with Canon. wonder when they have new sensor or remove AA filter. very annoying.

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