D810 does sports, protests, and sitting in a bar in one day

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Re: None of the pictures are outstanding.

nathantw wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

Since there are no EXIF data I can’t comment on technical aspects of the pictures but I am afraid that #1, #2 photos are mediocre, #3 photo is badly exposed and #4 well exposed but distracting.

Your comments are welcome, but I would have liked to see the types of pictures you take as a comparison so I could know what excellence in photography is all about.

I agree that the protest picture is blah, but as I said, I just took a snapshot, but I used it because you could see the dynamic range of highlight and shadow. The restaurant/bar was used not because it was the most awesome photograph but because people might be interested to see how the 24mm f/1.4G behaves wide open in a lower light setting. That's why I uploaded both pictures in full resolution.

The other two photographs could have been more tightly cropped, but you know, I think it was a good job considering what I had to work with...the crowd, tall people in front of me, iPhones in front of the camera, a dunk that takes less than 1 second to develop, and standing pretty far way. Since you don't have photos I can't compare your photos to mine. Pity, since you probably worked for SI with special passes to be under the basket during the dunks.

They all look underexposed to me.   What were your settings? P, S, A M?  What was metering, Focus mode etc.

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