XT1: impressions from someone new to Fuji

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Re: XT1: impressions from someone new to Fuji

rwbaron wrote:

I recently added the XT1 to my Canon 7D and 50D system.

Here's a few links you might be interested in that could address some of your concerns.





I've no regrets adding the Fuji XT1 and 2 zooms to my bag and with the (unfortunately now delayed) intro of the 120-400 I may end up converting over completely in the future. Coming from Canon APS C I never realized how clean a RAW file can be and how much abuse it can take in post such as heavy shadow recovery. ISO 800 on the Fuji has less noise than ISO 100 on the Canons. I'm not comparing FF but from what I've seen the XT1 should be competitive with FF regarding noise at all but the highest ISO's.

1. The OP is an Fulframe shooter so that's what is comparing it too. Given the praise the fujifilm X-series has been getting in this regard i think it's fair. It's good but not that good.

2. He is naming ISO 4000-6400. And that's not the place to shoot any Apsc sensor.

Yes you can abuse the raws substantially. It is the 2nd gen 16mp Sony sensor with an nice colourfilter that ditches the need for an OLPF.

Which basicly makes up for the slightly less MP's in terms of resolution while still maintaining the strengths of the sensor. Which is ridiculous shadow pulling at the lower iso's. Which have been shown by numerous sources already.

Hope this helps


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