A digital printer's "Bible"

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Re: A digital printer's "Bible"

gregbartgis wrote:
I would like to purchase a book covering all aspects of digital printing. I want something which will cover it thoroughly touching on all aspects including settings, setup, editing tools, sizing, choosing papers, sizing charts - in other words a fairly encyclopedic text.

Other posts have mentioned books by Steinmueller and Schewe. I've read both (thx local library for accepting Patron Requests). For their intended audience, they are excellent.

Intended audience: professional printers selling prints, imo. Those books also work well for very serious hobby'ist wanting to get professional results, especially to enter exhibitions and/or juried contests. They'd like more control than using a professional lab.

That ain't me, so the all aspects is lacking. I certainly don't fault the books for that.

The aspect missing involves printing on a budget. Those books mention in passing or in detail that the cost of ink and paper don't matter, and should be a relatively negligible part of the selling price. "Use the best, and be focused on making prints that will sell for $100 to $1000+."

MWMV ... My Wallet May Vary ... I'm a volunteer photographer who makes lots of color managed prints to give away at non-profit events, as mementoes. Multi-day basketball camps, VBS with 400+ kiddos, etc. They are mostly 5x7" to letter size, to have ready the next morning, or even during an event like Halloween with LOTS of kiddos in costume.

With cartridge ink refilling and careful watching for paper sales that happen regularly, I figure my full out-of-pocket cost for a letter size print is about a dime. Big fun.

There is simply no way for me to cost justify this "Big Fun" if I used oem ink. For that "use case", the above books weren't much help.

IIRC, those books have lots of details on using PS layers. Schewe especially is a master with layers, blend modes, curves, etc. and a Photoshop Hall of Fame member.

Also, Alain Briot has several books, such as "Marketing Fine Art Photography". He has a reputation as a very accomplished printer. It certainly isn't "all aspects", but would expand on that part of printing for a professional.

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