Full frame for landscape photos, any issues?

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Re: Full frame for landscape photos, any issues?

philip pj wrote:

A little more: don't fear diffraction, it is way overrated, f11 is very good, even on the a7r. Even f13. More (many more) images are lost to lack of DOF than diffraction.

I agree with everything except the quoted text. Sure... one shouldn't fear diffraction but one should certainly be aware of it. What point is there to shoot at f16 to get "everything sharp" if then everything comes out a bit less sharp overall?

It's also important to know at what F-stops ones lens performs the best in order to get the most detail possible out of it. Of course one has to match ones F-stop to whatever scene one is shooting but it still isn't the same as just forgetting about it and think along the lines of everything sharp = goto max F-stop. Knowing and understanding ones lenses optimal F-stop should be of some importance for anyone aspiring to shoot sharp landscape images.

I don't think people, especially beginners, should be too worried as you sort of say but i do feel that there is value in learning the things i mention.

Diffraction advantage
One advantage of FF that hasn't been mentioned yet is that diffraction is better handled on larger sensors which mean that FF handles it better then APS-C and that MF (Medium Format) handles it even better.

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