Olympus 25mm problem... or Operator problem?

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Re: Olympus 25mm problem... or Operator problem?

BHPhotog wrote:

These two shots were taken in the same way, same time, etc. with my new Olympus f/1.8, tripod mounted, IS off, 2 second delay, auto WB. Matrix metering, one is AF and the other is manual focus on exactly the same spot.

I'm used to the 'kit' 12-50 with a widest f/3.5 aperture, so this kind of narrow DOF is new to me and I don't know what's going on. Is the aperture causing the camera to AF somewhere else than what it shows in the VF? Do I have to always use manual focus at this wide an aperture?

Any and all comments appreciate...

It isn't a lens problem or an operator's problem.  It's just that your expectations exceed the abilities of your system (camera & lens).  The primary subject doesn't have much contrast, the background does, the lens is wide open, and I'm guessing you're very close to the minimum focusing distance.  It's a combination that would confuse any system that uses contrast detection for autofocus.

This sample was taken at f/1.8 from close distance, but the subject had sufficient contrast to let the lens & camera do their job.

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