Olympus 25mm problem... or Operator problem?

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Re: Olympus 25mm problem... or Operator problem?

Seems strange to me - I haven't ever experienced that kind of result. I'm using the 25mm on an E-M10 and it's rock solid, sharp, fast to focus, if it's missed - it'd be my fault. Given the setup you've described I would expect that to focus correctly in AF mode. I've in fact had a setup very similar for a project I was doing, and it always got it right.

So - it's either:

1. As mentioned elsewhere, you're within minimum focus distance and it's not able to lock onto the subject (odd as you can manual focus on it)

2. Issue with your copy of the lens or camera

Like I said - I shoot this lens a lot, and usually at f1.8 and it locks on every time. This was a quick snap I took of my daughter (second photo with the lens I think at f1.8).

Hanna @f1.8

And a crop

100% crop

I was only a foot away and the lens / camera locked onto the eyes perfectly. If you aren't experiencing this issue with any other lens and you've exhausted all options, return it, get a new copy. It's a brilliant walk around lens.

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