Speculation: Quattro full-frame

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Tom Schum
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Speculation: Quattro full-frame

The existing APS-C sensor is 23.5mm x 15.7mm. The low res image has 2704 x 1808 = 4,888,832 pixels . The Quattro regular res image has 5424 x 3616 = 19,613,184 pixels.

A full-frame version (24mm x 36mm) would be 2.3368 times the area, and with the same pixel size would have 11.4 Mpix in low res and 45.8 Mpix in Quattro regular res.

Such a sensor would likely cost 10-25 times as much to produce. Sigma does not currently have a full-frame focal plane shutter except for the old design used in their film cameras, so they would have to develop this.

Downloading a raw image to the picture card would take 2.3x longer than the current 8 seconds, which might put off potential pro buyers. Who wants to wait 18 seconds for that 130 meg raw to load?

Sigma does not currently have a sensor-shake type dust cleaning function, which I think would be required in a full-frame camera such as this.

There is no need for an OVF in a mirrorless FF camera but Sigma would need to develop an EVF. Additionally the sensor would have to support a hi-res EVF, and the sensor design might not currently have that much capability.

Ideally the viewfinder would be OVF/EVF switchable, in which case Sigma would need to do a new pentaprism and mirror.

Existing phase autofocus in the SD1 is only marginally OK for the Merrill sensor, so it should be improved if used in a full frame DSLR such as this.

My guess is Sigma might make a small profit on such a camera by selling it for about $10,000 to $15,000. The worldwide prestige it would bring Sigma would be priceless of course.

Any thoughts?

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