170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

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Re: 170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

zorgon wrote:

Agreed. A high school is not a charity and can't expect an adult who has invested in expensive camera gear to do a whole days work for free. Are they expecting a full studio strobe setup? Not going to happen.

IMO, they should just get a student or teacher with a decent camera (compact or DSLR) to volunteer. Image quality does NOT need to be good for a yearbook. Lighting and composition are far more important than a high end camera and knowledge of camera settings.


Not sure what grades the school is . . . but if they have a camera club . . .

My daughters' grade school did a play. They managed to perform in our local theatre. Before the performance they projected pictures of the kids that participated in the play onto the back of the stage while everyone was getting settled in. I figure either one of the teachers or some of the students put it all together, and it looked awesome!

Students work on yearbooks all the time.

And with how teachers or pushing technology onto the younger students . . . this can be one more project to get kids involved?

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