LA-EA4 Adapter vs. A3000 camera (same price!)

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A3000 is not a DSLR

An A3000 is an NEX e-mount system. It won;t solve your problem.

A DSLR body for that price won't solve your problem either ( fast AF ), IMO.

I have an NEX-6, which I love in pretty much every way. However, I want to shoot wildlife and am looking at a long (>400mm) telephoto lens to do so.

You can mount almost any SLR lens on a NEX via adapters. So finding a 400mm lens is not an issue.

You can actually get an adapter that is chipped for Canon EF and will let you use Canon lenses with AF and IS. That gets you the benefits of an NEX ( focus peaking for one ) while you can use Canon lenses.

So there's no real issue here unless you need very fast AF performance, in while case you need a DSLR with fast AF and a lens designed for fast AF on that DSLR. But that's going to be very expensive.

Needless to say, there is no E-mount lens that can do this job, so I am left with buying an A-mount lens and an A-to-E mount adapter (yes, yes, I know that there are all sorts of legacy lenses that will fit, but I am interested in autofocus and image stabilization). The Sony LA-EA4 adapter costs about $350, which I guess is what it needs to cost, given that it is basically an entire A-mount camera without the sensor. At the same time, Sony sells an A3000 SLR with a kit lens for the same price ($350).

No adapter will, IMO, get you fast AF. It's mostly for IS and control of the aperture from the camera.

So I'd forget adapters completely if you want fast AF.

But fast AF still requires a body with a fast AF system designed for tracking in AF-C and a lens to match. That's expensive.

Although I love my NEX-6, it may just be that it is not worth trying to compel it to handle a long telephoto lens.

Using a long fast lens on the NEX is not particularly different from using one on a DSLK. You'd mount the lens to a tripod with and the camera in either case is supported by being attached to the lens.

Would you get the LA-EA4 adapter or just go for an entirely different camera for about the same price?

I would not get an LA-E4 at all.

If ( and only if ) you must fast fast AF you go the DSLR route.

But that's not going to be an A3000 ( which is not a DSLR ) and it's going to cost more.

(Wishing I hadn't sold my Pentax DSLR and long lens, but then again, that is what financed much of my Sony equipment)

IMO you'd be better of using a dumb adapter for the NEX on a long lens and relying on focus peaking and technique for your shots. I have the impression your budget won't allow for anything else.

Get a Canon chipped adapter if you want IS and use Canon lenses. That's probably more useful than anything else.

A tripod would also be useful.

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