LA-EA4 Adapter vs. A3000 camera (same price!)

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Re: LA-EA4 Adapter vs. A3000 camera (same price!)

Al F wrote:

I have an NEX-6, which I love in pretty much every way. However, I want to shoot wildlife and am looking at a long (>400mm) telephoto lens to do so. Needless to say, there is no E-mount lens that can do this job, so I am left with buying an A-mount lens and an A-to-E mount adapter (yes, yes, I know that there are all sorts of legacy lenses that will fit, but I am interested in autofocus and image stabilization). The Sony LA-EA4 adapter costs about $350, which I guess is what it needs to cost, given that it is basically an entire A-mount camera without the sensor. At the same time, Sony sells an A3000 SLR with a kit lens for the same price ($350).

Although I love my NEX-6, it may just be that it is not worth trying to compel it to handle a long telephoto lens. Would you get the LA-EA4 adapter or just go for an entirely different camera for about the same price?

(Wishing I hadn't sold my Pentax DSLR and long lens, but then again, that is what financed much of my Sony equipment)

You have some fine options when doing Wildlife:

1. The new Panasonic FZ1000 has a zoom lens that ends at 400mm EQ. When you want a cheap lens for wildlife, this might be the way to go. You get a good camera with a 1"sensor, a very long stabilized lens and that is great for wildlife. You will miss the opportunaty to change lenses and the camera is not small.

2. Pick up an older Sony A-mount camera (the A-mount cameras all come with Axx name, like A58, A65, A77) And buy a good telelens, these lenses are not cheap and may cost as much as the Panasonic., but you can change lenses. The camera and lenses will be large!

3. Go with E-mount (newer E-mount APS cameras have the Axxxx name like A3000, A6000 etc) and buy the LA-EA4 adapter and a large telelens. The camera will be small in the end but the lens stays large. To take with you the FZ1000 will be the smallest tele package. The lenses will not be stabilized unless you go for the stabilzed versions from Sigma.

4. Go for the E-mount cameraas above and go for the 55-210mm zoom with an tele ewxtender adapter, you get a rather small package, a good (not stellar) stabilized lens end it will be the cheapest option.

As you said you don't want to do MF I left that option (an adapted legacy lens) out of the equation, I did the same with the special adapters that let Canon lenses do AF and use the stabilisation as the AF is extremely slow on those adapters. I also left the FF E-mount cameras (named A7, A7r and A7s) away as the larger sensors make larger telelenses needed to get the same results.

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