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Re: <$500 camera market collapsed

jkoch2 wrote:

The market for "better" cameras is relatively small, and no one can turn a profit wthout charging upwards of $500.

B&H shows:

$299 Canon T3 with kit lens

$399 Canon T3 with twin kit lenses

$399 Pentax K500 with kit lens

$446.95 Pentax K-50 (body only)

$448 Sony SLT-A58 with kit lens

$476.95 Nikon 3200 with kit lens

$479 Nikon 3100 with twin lens kit

$499 Canon T5 with kit lens

$499 Canon T3i DSLR body only

$499 Canon SL1 body only

$499 Pentax K-500 with twin kit lens

That's not even counting mirrorless interchangeable lens models or compacts or the variations on the twin kit lens bundles, which increase the choices by a lot . Though the results here are skewed by the too many Pentax Q colour choices, I think the Under $500 camera market is alive and well and gives people the most bang-for-buck by far.

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