Sigma 17-50, 17-70, or anything else?

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Re: Sigma 17-50, 17-70, or anything else?

I get they have stated this and really, you are right. But the fact remains that it bugs me. I owned four Canon dslr's and now four Nikons. More lenses than Baskin Robbins has flavors of ice cream. Not one, ever, has had an issue like this. It bugs me that it happens but it bugs me more that I'm supposed to accept it.

I think, as DSLR sales decline (though I've read they have stabilized) that there will be more and more things we 'have to live with'. Since the p&s market is getting hit even harder, the profits those used to generate that were in turn used to provide R&D money for the DSLR models is drying up. Corners will - and have - be cut and ensuring things like 3rd party lens compatibility will be less important. Indeed, it might even become a situation where the CaNikon folk actively look for ways to cause interoperability problems.

The last time I had any sort of problem with a higher end item where the manufacturer said to live with it was the Canon 17-55/2.8 and the quick-die Is (you know, right after warranty). Say what you will but that was one of the reasons I moved to Nikon. Well, along with the major QC issues new Canon bodies were having. Yeah, look where that got me. :-/

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