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What exactly are "equivalence deniers" are denying?

Depends on the individual denier. Some deny the DOFs are the same for equivalent apertures. Some deny the same total amount of light falls on the sensor. Most all think that noise comes from the ISO setting, and deny the same total amount of light and sensor efficiency results in the same noise.

I've been called that "equivalence deniers" but I do not deny that same f-stop will give different DoF/Diff/Total Light on a different sensor size. And I do not deny that there are different f-stops on each different sensor size that will give the same DoF/Diff/Total light. Does anyone?

Yes, some do.

I object only that a given lens/cam should not be described as having "equivalent aperture" on a different sensor size and I have been presenting my case as to why I think that.

Indeed. For some reason, you seem to think that photos with different shutter speeds should be called "equivalent".

WTF! Where did I say that "photos with different shutter speeds should be called "equivalent"."?

I don't want to start saying you are making things up...

I've been saying using different f-stop and different shutter speed combinations known as "equivalent exposure", you can have photo of different look and feel, while maintaining the correct exposure. I just don't see where I would have said that "photos with different shutter speeds should be called "equivalent"."

See, I don't think you are correct in the statements below; thus I do not agree. It's not a willful ignorance. It's my considered opinion. And it' worth as much as your opinion.

(... Thus, it is better to say that the photos have the same brightness, rather than equivalent exposures, even in the context of equivalent photos, to avoid confusion).

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