What is equivalence good for?

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Re: To separate people who understand multiplication or division from the rest.

pidera wrote:

Of course, to avoid divisions and multiplications, there is the alternative of using the sensor size difference expressed in stops. Quarter size sensor is 2 stops with which you could lower iso and F-number (if possible, one can run into hardware limitations) to get similar results. I'm sure equivalance can be understood by most one way or another. But some do not want to understand. I had a friend who was boasting about his new FF camera. Said it would not have been possible to get such a good shot with any other camera. He had used iso 1600 and f/8. I told him that 'even' with an APS-C it would have been possible to get very similar results, at f/5.6 and for example and correspondingly lower iso. Oh boy, our friendship nearly ended there. And of course there are many more examples, also the other way round. How many times didn't one read (yes also in 'professional' reviews) 'Those Olympus lenses are so incredibly sharp wide open, too bad thy can't keep up with sensor technology' whilst actually their sensors were roughly just as efficent and there lenses not necessarily sharper than FF lenses stopped down for the same DoF. Thinking about the discussions we had on this forum... Like religious fights. I'm sorry I didn't truly answer your question, but hopefully did give you some insight in the frustrations which gave birth to the title of my reply. Cheers !

Yes, frustration and "equivalence" seem to go hand and hand, around here anyway.

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