New NX30 - first impressions

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Re: New NX30 - first impressions - congratulations!

gameguru1360 wrote:

With the oem battery, you get roughly 360. With the 1600 mah batteries i have i get about 500 or so.

How many charges have you used with each?  I got about 500 with my generics as well, but with my OEM batteries I haven't tested them.  The last time was about 360, but I also had a lot of wireless uploading, playing around with camera settings, where the 500 shots with generic was hardly any reviewing and a lot of back to back shots with the monitor turned in so it was off.  This saves a lot of battery power.

I will have to shoot a few thousand shots to really see if the generic lasts longer, but I still think capacity is likely similar in similar usage profile.

However, the generic batteries work at least as well as Samsung and seem to be good quality, so no regrets buying them.  Surprised I only went through 2 batteries at the last wedding, that is pretty decent.  Thanks for the tip on them.


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