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I've run up a bit of a tab buying these, but I look at it as an operational expense. With what I've put into all the rest of the gear they're cheap in comparison. I prefer paper so am willing to pay the price. Brampton is relatively pricey, but I'm taking all your advice on faith. Can't wait to begin reading!!!

A wise expenditure.

I guess you can read it cover to cover, especially if you're new to LR. I now just keep it as a reference and look up/bookmark the sections I want whenever I find myself in an LR quagmire.


My experience is thus, I have used LR pretty well from day one so I bought/ invested in an American standard in Lightroom use, successive iterations of the software seemed to require the purchase of the next set of books, just to keep up.

I firmly believed LR was complex and required study. I also formed the opinion that I was just not really bright enough to grasp the complexities. Time and time again I followed the process outlined in the book and failed to get to the desired outcome.

Enter FAQ LR5 and within 15 pages I had the entire architecture firmly in my head, and as a result LR is now FUN to use.

Things like making and using collections..... for example. all that I have previously read for creation is simply confusing, and why, because its slick, and just too smart for its own good IMHO entire steps and actions are glossed over frequently meaning that creating and using them was VERY hit and miss. So much so that when asking why this is Authors responds, - because it would take too long to put ALL the steps in. We ASSUME a level of knowledge from you. Great, I purchase the book to learn and the Author is assuming I already KNOW!!! why oh! Why purchase the book in the first place then?

I am sure my experience is unique to me, so it is not my intention to turn anyone away from any publication because this is MY experience alone.

FAQ LR5 was a real "find"!!

It's almost uncanny how Bampton can answer a question (or an FAQ) that solves a problem that you didn't even realize was a pitfall in the first place. She says that the book is actually based upon numerous responses and questions gathered from (among other sources) the Adobe site. Her fantastic ability to explain things in the most idiot-proof fashion is also an aspect of her writing that I appreciate greatly.

Reading Martin Evening's tomb on LR can be daunting but it does cover all of the bases - even if it's sometimes in excruciating depth. He spends lots of time describing procedural steps in the editing process as well as giving all the reasons for various adjustments and settings. At this point I have a good enough grasp of LR not to need to rely on Evening's text but I still purchase new copies of Bampton's work whenever there's an LR upgrade, just for looking things up that are new or for refreshing my understanding.


Sill have not moved on to the Martin evening book, so I am forewarned :)......

I need to understand the "Why" I am doing, to get the doing process into my head and to be able to  memorise and remember the steps.

I am in hopes that folks reading this will get value from this discussion, I know I have.


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