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Re: Results for a linear model

Joofa wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

The general impression given out by Sigma Marketing and Foveon is that scene luminance and hence 'resolution' is given by the top layer - the so-called 'blue' layer until the the Quattro appeared. The cognoscenti on this forum say that it is not possible to do that.

Now, in other color spaces, luminance Y or luma Y' is given by a weighted sum of R, G and B. So, if Y can not be given by the top layer alone, could it be approximated sufficiently by a weighted sum of the layer values T, M and L? The weights would be quite dissimilar to those derived from RGB values, of course.

I used the following form Y = weighted combination of T,L,M,T^2,L^2,M^2,T*L,T*M,M*L, and got the following response. Calculated Y for Fovean seems close to CIE Y to me.

That is most impressive! Well worth a bookmark, IMHO.

Tiny comment: the Company name is Foveon, not Fovean. Not that that diminishes your result in any way.

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