What is equivalence good for?

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Why make something so simple so hard?

jackdan wrote:

[pidera] said: To separate people who understand multiplication or division from the rest.

Are you referring to the people who to tell that a larger size sensor collects more light than a smaller sensor need to divide the sensors into unit areas and then multiply by the total areas and then compare the resulting numbers to see which sensor is bigger?

Probably not.  He'd probably say that the amount of light falling on the sensor was proportional to the aperture area, all else equal.

Or maybe you are talking about crop factors. That does get pretty complicated. Just the word factor scares many people away because it signals that mathematics is involved.

I've yet to come across someone who was stumped when it came to computing the equivalent focal length, so given that it's the same math to compute the equivalent f-ratio, where is the problem?

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