Help me find a good camera for ~$200

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Re: Help me find a good camera for ~$200

CT007 wrote:

joe6pack wrote:

I don't really see anything wrong with your L830 photo.

1/1.7" and 1/2.3" really isn't that big of a difference. Super zoom cameras tend to use small sensors. Your camera has 16MP, if you down-sample the picture to 4MP, you will significantly reduce the noise. No point wasting money on another camera.

I don't know what the 1/X.X" numbers mean...

These indicate the size of the sensor.

And the difference between 1/1.7 vs 1/2.3 is actually almost double the surface area.

28.50mm2 vs 43.30mm2

the fujifilm xf-1 i mentioned has a 2/3 sensor which is 58.10mm2

I thought that was in relation to the LCD somehow. The "sensor size" was 7.2x5.3mm Canon, 6.2x4.6mm Nikon. If I have to downscale to "fix" stuff, I don't want it. Then again, I don't really need 16MP. 12MP might be enough, and "~20x" zoom.

anything above 10mp on a compact is overkill. unless they use a very very fast lens diffraction limits the resolution anyway.

20x zoom is too much for a compact in this price range. It will have serious consequences on image quality.

There are 2 over 20x zoom "compacts" that are an exception.

This has the same largish 2/3rd inch sensor with a long zoom range.

The fast F2.8 zoom helps to keep the ISO low and limits diffraction. It's way over budget though.

just to show the size

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