D810 - Unimproved framerate with batterygrip?

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D810 - Unimproved framerate with batterygrip?

Hi guys,
Happy D810 owner here, splendid camera!
Along with the D810 I ordered the MBD12 grip for to gain the extra fps in crop mode.
However, I just noticed that I can't 'hear' or notice a difference in framerate between shooting with or without the batterygrip in DX mode? I noticed this because the grip was still on the camera, however it was empty. So i put the battery into the grip and starting shooting again, then it hit me: no difference in fps!
A summary:

Using the MBD12 batterygrip
EN-EL15 battery in camera
EN-EL15 battery in grip
Camera with/without 95mb/s SD card (doesn't seem to make a difference.)
Camera recognizes the batterygrip and uses it's battery charge/registers shots taken.
Obviously camera is in Ch mode.

FX: with/without grip - no difference - regular fps (5fps)
DX: without grip - slightly improved fps (6fps)
DX: with grip - no difference in fps (6fps while it should be 7fps..)

When comparing with my D7100 in crop mode which really then does shoot 7fps the D810 with or without the grip is noticeably slower (I guess 6fps it is)
Strange points: I thought that the D810 only was going to get a faster fps in DX mode when attaching a battery grip, but even without the grip I still notice a different speed between FX/DX.

Am I missing something settings wise or does anyone know what's going on?
As stated, when compared aside the D7100 is really faster and hitting the 7fps while the d810 doesn't.. HELP!

Best regards

Nikon D810
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