From my original NEX-5 and 'substandard' 18-55 lens (image)

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Re: From my original NEX-5 and 'substandard' 18-55 lens (image)

Pepe-Lepue wrote:

GaryW wrote:

I'm reminded of a Top Gear episode where a pro driver said she would race the Nurburgring in a van and attempt to beat Jeremy's time (where he drove some fancy Aston Martin or something). It's impressive what pro drivers can do with normal cars.

In one of the Top Gear episodes they had a Nex 5 camera!

Until about two months ago my 8 years old son was going on rookie karts, on a plain small oval, and he finally switched to the next level, being at the minimum height requirement, but he was concerned about older kids running at the same time, more carts and track a little more complicated. He could barely reach the throttle. After couple runs, staying in line for him I asked him to get in the car that runs faster. What a difference, it seemed easy for him to pass all the other carts, but still a novice for that level.

Cool story! However are you suggesting the equipment is such a differentiator? Because I look around here at the many photos posted by novices with top-of-the-line pro gear - And I find it hard to be impressed. I find much of the photos taken to be sterile and, well, 'novice'.
And here's where I have to bring up Ansel Adams; Who used a slow 8x10 box camera which required him lugging a large tripod in hardly accessible areas. His gear would be considered a hindrance by any standard today.
But I understand that this is mostly a gear forum where many, if not most, people spent lots of money and are thinking more about what their gear can do more-so than refining their technique and exercising their creative potential. But if this makes them happy, then what more could we ask for? Perhaps that's what it's all about. Being happy!
This reminds me of a story as a caddy at a prestigious country club during my college days; Many members would buy the most outrageously expensive golf gear. And they still sucked at the sport. Their golf instructor was the well-known Dick Harman - who had the expertise to make even the cheapest of gear do competitively wonderful things.
Just my opinion of course. I just know that when I see a photographic opportunity, the last thing that is on my mind at that time is my gear.
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We should differentiate these examples, because on some of them the outcome depends more on the equipment and on others more on the abilities of the user. With the same hammer some people need only couple hits to put the nail through, others may bend the nail. Or a good engineer (experienced) may not do much with a slow CAD system, verses a just graduated engineer (inexperienced) with a fast computer.

Look at the fishing contest with Louis De Funes as a comic example for abilities verses equipment.

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