From DSLR to mirrorless… and back again

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From DSLR to mirrorless… and back again

Here's a well written piece (by Roger Irwin) that mirrors my own experience. I would add that the small camera’s small battery is likely to be a permanent liability. Not to mention the DSLR's advantage in VF and AF.

“From DSLR to mirrorless… and back again

When I decided to try out a mirrorless camera I broke my two golden rules of selecting a camera. That was a big mistake, and as a result I'm now going back to a DSLR for a while, but oddly the reasons have little to do with mirrorless technology per se.

In fact after two months with a mirrorless camera I'm more than ever convinced that mirrorless is the future, the big issue for me is when that future begins...

1) What lenses will you be using? Never consider the purchase of a camera body first and the lenses as an afterthought. Think about what you intend to do with the camera and decide on camera + lens combinations.

  1. Once you have potential camera and lens combinations, try them out before you buy. How comfortable are they? How easy and practical would it be to do the things you plan to do.

... Small is nice, but too small isn't, you need to be able to get your hands round the camera! I found that the NEX 6 worked OK with the small prime, but with anything bigger on the front things quickly became uncomfortable and difficult to use.

... This is perhaps the worst example of how the NEX interface is simply not designed for the enthusiast shooter, there are other examples. In mitigation you can download apps that will be pump your photos direct to Facebook; this speaks volumes about the intended audience for the camera.

... And it's here you really run into a wall. Mirrorless cameras make wide angle lenses more efficient, but you can't really take much advantage of that if the type of lens you want is not on the market!

... Micro Four Thirds has a wealthy set of lenses, except that you are giving away 1 more stop in terms of DOF, and the f2.8 lenses all tend to be pretty pricey, so you're really back at square one in DOF terms. But if you don't exploit DOF then they have a wealth of lenses.

... At the end of the day I began to realize that mirrorless is still very much in it's infancy, and that the most developed system (Micro Four Thirds) was one that got underway years ago.

... So in the meantime I'll just watch from the bleachers, with an ordinary vanilla DSLR!”

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