Fujifilm X-A1 with Metabones FD-FX Speed Booster and Canon FD 50mm/f1.8

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Re: More about the Metabones FD-FX Speed Booster, the LCD Hood, Clearviewer and the half-case

Hi Miki,

sorry late reply, I was just watching the F1 qualifying on the Hungaro Ring.

Thanks for giving me some hints about the focal length when using the Speedbooster and for the link.

My exterior setup for the X-A1 is very much the same as yours except that I got rid of the JJC LCD hood and replaced it with a rigid one which fulfils its purpose to satisfaction. It is also clipped on to a frame, the sides though are not foldable.

X-A1 with LCD hood detached and Clearviewer

X-A1 with mounted LCD hood and Clearviewer

The thumbrest by KIWI and the extended grip of the original Fuji leather halfcase together provide an improved feeling when shooting one-handed only (of course only with shorter and not too heavy lenses).

The Clearviewer mounted on the bottom of the half case unfortunately does not allow to open the battery and card compartment, which is a pity. It's only a matter of 2-3mm but I do not want to fiddle too much with it, and actually I don't have the proper tools.

Thanks so much for that great fisheye photo.

Stay well!

Michael (Vienna)

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