Photographing 7 Aussie Rules Football Games in 2 Weeks

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Photographing 7 Aussie Rules Football Games in 2 Weeks

Well as many of you know its not easy getting into some organized sports venues with decent camera equipment. However there are some organized sports that haven't hit too high a popularity that they feel the need to control the photographers. In Canada one of those sports is Aussie Rules Football A.K.A. Footie, I'm sure its a different story in Australia. Anyhow i became aware of the 3 leagues as my brother-in-law plays for one of the teams.

I took this time to try to figure out what focus options worked best, the first several games i was deleting as many as 50% of the photos partly due to focus errors and partly due to a boring useless photo. At the last few games i had improved my technique and am only discarding 1 in 3 photos, with maybe 1 in 5 being a focus error.

Here are links to all 7 games I've been to this year and I'll post a photo from each game below. If you see a photo that really captures your attention feel free to let me know.

1st game an evening game between the Toronto Eagles and the High Park Demons (the Eagles is the team my brother-in-law plays for)

Second game i got to was a morning game from a triple header at that park the teams were the Toronto Rebels and the High Park Demons

3rd game was mid day between the Guelph Gargoyles and the Toronto Eagles

4th game was an early afternoon game between the Etobicoke Kangaroos (Lady Roos) Women's division and the Central Blues, one of the women on the Roos is headed to Australia next week to represent Canada's Northern Lights team in a Footie tournament, she has only been playing Footie for a couple years but she has excelled as she is an experienced athlete.

The 5th game i got to was an evening game between the Men's Etobicoke Kangaroos against the Broadview Hawks, I have to say the Hawks colours remind me of Charlie Brown)

The 6th game i got to was a morning game slight overcast between the Lady Roos and the Central Blues again, this time the Lady Roos had just enough players to fill the field but the Blues had enough substitute players to almost outnumber the Roos 2 to 1, you can imagine the Roos didn't have much chance to win.

The 7th and final game for a while is another morning game slight overcast between the Central Blues and the Toronto Dingos (mixed division)

Now I'll post 1 photo per game, this won't be easy just choosing 1

Just looking at her expression I certainly wouldn't want to be the ball!

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