Fujifilm X-A1 with Metabones FD-FX Speed Booster and Canon FD 50mm/f1.8

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Miki Nemeth
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More about the Metabones FD-FX Speed Booster, the LCD Hood, Clearviewer and the half-case

Zagato wrote:

maybe some architectural and landscape shots from beautiful Hungary.

Thanks, Michael! Tomorrow I am planning to take a photo walk with my X-A1 and Speed Booster in the Buda castle and bridges; hopefully by the end of the day I am having a couple of fine photos to share; I am more an engineer person than a talented photographer.

For more than a year I've been contemplating about getting the Nikon to FX Speedbooster as I'm holding some 22 old MF Nikkors which I'm using on the X-T1 and X-A1, however it's half the fun when you realize that a 85mm portrait lens actually becomes a 127,5mm tele with the APS-C camera.

Whoah, twenty-two Nikon lenses, I'd call the bunch a treasure. It was Joe Camosy (Redlion) who explained the advantages of the Speed Booster (see the link in my previous post).

Tell me if I'm making a thinking mistake: when using a Nikon 50mm/f1.8 in combination with the speedbooster it becomes a 53,25mm/f1.4 with the X-A1 or X-T1 (50 x 0.71 x 1.5)??

Not really, I explained the calculation in my second message. The basic math is 50 / 1.5, f1.8 / 1.5 or 50 x 1.5, f1.8 x 1.5 depending on the perspective. I hope I am not mistaken, I don't want to spread false information. Have a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtDotqLx6nA

I saw that you taped your JJC LCD Hood on the X-A1. From the 3 I ordered one came off totallly including the frame on a hot day, it virtually fell off. The other 2 are still in use on the X-T1 and the X-100 but I have the feeling that also here the position of the frame has moved laterally. Unfortunately the adhesive is not the best.

Two months ago, it was You, Michael, from whom I learned the advantages of the LCD hood. Very good observation. Here is what I'd do, if I started again:

  • When receiving the JJC LCD hood, I'd immediately remove the glue with Goo Gone or similar. I would not mess my LCD with the glue.
  • I'd tape the hood frame to the LCD frame with high quality non-residue black tape. I'd stay away from cheap electric tape; medical grade tape is fine.

The Clearviewer is a huge help with the viewfinderless X-A1. In combination with the LCD hood it gives you the feeling of using a camera with a high resolution viewfinder and with the focus peaking you can hardly miss out on spot-on focus using MF lenses.

I use Clearviewer a lot; practically I do not miss EVF any more (I never expected that I can live without an EVF after enjoying the huge bright EVF of my ex-A7 for months). Here are a couple of comments about the Clearviewer, though:

  • If you plan to buy a leather half-case, tell the makers of Clearviewer to manufacture the lengths oh handles accordingly.
  • Clearviewer should design a model that is attachable to the back plate of the tilting LCD screen.

A last comment: the designers of the genuine Fujifilm leather half-case for X-A1/M1 did not measure correctly the camera body size: the case is about 2 - 3 mm larger than the body. I'd rather bought a cheaper Chinese version. I am not complaining, though.

Here is fisheye city-scape photo merged with HDR Efex Pro from three AE BKT RAFs taken with FD 15mm/f2.8 on X-A1.

This is my greetings photo to You, Michael.

Thank you so much and take care, Miki

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